Science Long term plan


HT 1 HT 2 HT 3 HT 4 HT 5 HT 6
Year 7 Cells Mixing, dissolving and separating Forces and their effects Eating drinking and breathing Elements, compounds and mixtures Energy transfers and sound
Year 8 Plants and Ecosystems Explaining Chemical changes Magnetism and Electricity Getting the energy you body needs Explaining Physical changes Contact and non contact forces
Year 9 Our Health and the effect of drugs Obtaining useful materials Motion on Earth and Space Variation for Survival Using our Earth Sustainably Waves and Energy transfers
GCSE Year 10 Organisation Chemical and Energy Changes Forces Infection and response Chemistry in the atmosphere/ Using resources Waves and Energy Transfers
GCSE Year 11 Organisation / Cell recap Atomic structure/ Periodic Table Atomic Structure, Waves Homeostasis and response Revision/ Exams Exams
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