The Personal, Social and Health Education curriculum at LWS is delivered through two lessons per week, taught in tutor groups. Students, parents and carers have been consulted on our new PSHE curriculum, which addresses new statutory guidance on Relationship & Sex Education and Health Education.


Topics are separated into three main groups: health and wellbeing, safe relationships and the wider world, but all lessons across the school will enhance students understanding of Fundamental British Values. We strive for to establish an open dialogue with students in order to break down barriers and stigma associated with certain topics.


A breakdown of the topics per half term is shown below.


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
HT 1

Health & Wellbeing

Choices about healthy active lifestyles The effects of smoking Food Choices Alcohol and the Law My Life, My Responsibility
HT 2

Health & Wellbeing

First Aid The effects of drugs and alcohol Physical and Mental Wellbeing Drugs and the Law Personal Health and Caring for Others
HT 3


Family, friends and respect Online and social media Sex, Consent and the Law Intimate and sexual relationships Managing Exam Stress
HT 4


Puberty Body Image and the Media Teenage pregnancy Sexual Health Managing Exam Stress
HT 5

Wider World

Stereotypes and Prejudice Extremism and Radicalisation Personal Finance Making Informed Career Choices Managing Exam Stress
HT 6

Wider World

Community, Charity and Enterprise Managing Exam Stress


In HT 6, all tutor groups will focus on a topic of interest and importance to the school community. This could be a local, national or global issue. Students will aim to address concerns, raise awareness of, and fundraise for their chosen issues. The focus is on teamwork and collaboration.


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