Supporting Your Son

photo 3Our students have complex needs, which require significant understanding, time, strategy and patience to begin to address them. Their needs can manifest themselves with extreme displays of negative behaviour resulting in violence, verbal abuse, damage and defiance.  We must empower the students to take responsibility for these actions and equip them with coping methods/strategies when faced with challenge. The ‘real-world’ does not accept extreme negative behaviour,a reality that we must prepare our students for. Our unique tiered behaviour policy provides us with the capacity to address behavioural needs, while supporting their special needs.

We have high and realistic expectations for our students. To achieve this we require a high level of support from all the adults associated with the individual. Our ‘home-school’ agreement, service level agreements and variety of communication methods/strategies aim to establish a framework of support for a consistent approach to a student’s development.

The “OPEAR” Model

The "OPEAR" Model.

We use our ‘OPEAR’ approach to support and develop our students into young people being ready for the ‘real-world’. As outlined in the diagram above ‘OPEAR’ explains that all our work is based on building positive relationships with our young people. With successful relationships comes attendance, engagement and progress. When all these pieces fall into place we gain positive outcomes.


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