The Personal, Social and Health Education curriculum at LWS is pic 6 pshebroad and varied. Topics are separated into three main groups: health and wellbeing, safe relationships and the wider world, but all lessons will enhance students understanding of Fundamental British Values. Health and wellbeing focuses on helping students to make informed decisions about their lifestyle, such as physical activity and sensible food choices. As students move through the years, they will cover more complex topics including substance misuse, the effects of smoking and drug and alcohol awareness.

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The topics covered in Safe relationships will promote students emotional wellbeing and resilience. They will become aware of how their thoughts and actions impact on others, and will learn about promoting diversity and challenging prejudice and discrimination. In addition, students will also become aware of the risks of online environments and social media, including CSE and radicalisation. They will become confident in recognising signs, reporting issues and keeping themselves safe.

Wider world will enable students to have confidence to exist with, and make valuable contribution to society. Topics covered include teamwork and responsible citizenship. As students’ progress into Key Stage 4, they will enable them to develop sound career choices, and learn about rights, responsibilities and behaviours in the workplace.

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Students will have the opportunity to gain credits which can be put towards the AQA Personal and Social Education Certificate or Award.

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