The Life Skills curriculum at LWS is designed to promote independent living skills, mainly focused around cooking. Students across all year groups will have cooking lessons each week, which will enable them to improve their understanding around food and healthy food choices, regardless of their starting point. The first topics covered are designed to promote students confidence around the cooking environment, and their interest in trying a variety of ingredients. Students will learn basic cooking skills, and will learn about the food groups using the Eat Well Plate. As they progress through the year groups, topics become more focused and will cover chocolate cookery, rice and pasta dishes, using kitchen gadgets as well as specific dietary requirements and how to promote nutritional value of cooking.

Students will have the opportunity to achieve a Level 1 BTEC in Jamie’s Home Cooking Skills, which they can expand on in Year 11 by working towards the Level 2. Jamie’s Home Cooking Skills will enable students to learn about the benefits of using fresh foods, as well as learning about how to budget and make informed choices regarding the sources of ingredients. They will learn about the benefit of passing on information regarding cooking and will be encouraged to help others develop their understanding in this area.

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