LWS Academy Awards 2016

Friday is our Awards ceremony and it gives us a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the success and achievements of all our students.

We will look back over the last year and also celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the school.

Below is a list of the awards that will be going to our students. We will be tweeting the results on the day so follow us on Twitter to keep upto date. @LWSAcademyTrust

  • Achievement in English
  • English Progress Award
  • Storytelling Award
  • Storywriting Award
  • Progress in Reading
  • Progress in Writing
  • Achievement in Maths
  • Progress in Maths
  • Most Focused in Maths
  • 100% Lesson Target in Maths
  • Most Improved Engagement in Maths
  • Excellent Effort in Maths
  • The Cyanamid Shield for Achievement
  • Achievement in Science
  • Most Progress in Science
  • Best Improvement in Science
  • Practical Skills in Science
  • Delta – Literacy Award
  • Delta – Reading Award
  • Delta – Advanced Maths Award
  • Funk Master Bass Award
  • Heavy Hands Drum Award
  • Rhona Sailing Award
  • Gordon Ramsey Award for Food Technology KS4
  • Jamie Oliver Award for Food Technology KS3
  • Achievement in Cooking
  • Progress in Food Technology
  • Perfect Pancake Award
  • Success in GCSE Art
  • Progress in Art
  • Achievement & Progress in Curriculum PE KS3
  • Achievement & Progress in Curriculum PE KS3
  • Achievement & Progress in Curriculum PE KS4
  • Entry Level Certificates PE
  • Award for Football
  • Award for BasketballLWS Academy Trust “Fair Play Award”
  • Sportsman of the Year
  • Achievement in Design & Technology
  • Most Improved in Design & Technology
  • Achievement at College
  • External Work Experience
  • Fishing Award
  • Military Mentors
  • SEAL Point Award at 96%
  • Lesson Target Award at 95%
  • Attendance Trophy at 98%
  • Most Improved Attendance
  • Lord Wilson Cup for Personal Achievement
  • Governors Cup for Personal Achievement
  • Governors Cup for Academic Achievement
  • Claude Bamber Cup for Personal Achievement
  • Hamble Valley Inner Wheel for Personal Achievement
  • Rotary Shield for Endeavour
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