Fundamental British Values

LWS Academy serves a diverse and varied community: staff and students recognise that individuals deserve to be treated with respect in light of any differences we experience and the similarities we share.

The Fundamental British Values of individual liberty, mutual respect, democracy, rule of the law and tolerance for those of differing faiths and beliefs are directly addressed through units focusing on ‘Britain’ and ‘Britain and the Commonwealth’ in PSHE. In addition, they are embedded and enhanced throughout the curriculum including traditional subjects and personalised interventions. We strive to challenge all forms of discrimination, including but not limited to racism, homophobia and sexism.


Individual liberty

LWS has clear boundaries and we encourage students to safely act and exist within the boundaries of the Academy and their wider communities. Freedoms and individual rights are discussed, and making informed choices is a key outcome of the PSHE curriculum. Praise is key to reinforcing students making the right decision, and success is shared with parents, carers and peers as appropriate. On occasions when students make the wrong decision, they are supported through the consequences.


Mutual Respect

Students are made aware of the importance of mutual respect in all aspects of Academy life. This includes widening awareness and recognition of other cultures and traditions that exist within their immediate community and the wider world. Students will cover units focusing on ‘Diversity’ in PSHE and our Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) lessons aim to challenge stereotypes and prejudice about social and cultural groups that may be different to our own.



During PSHE lessons students have the opportunity to learn about Britain and it’s democratic structure, and the benefits of this to our way of life. The School Council is a fantastic example of democracy in action: Students may wish to stand to represent their tutor group or year group and their fellow students will vote for the one they feel best represents their interests. The Student Council are consulted on important Academy wide issues such as uniform, teaching and tutor groups. Our Student Justice Board (SJB) meets regularly to discuss emerging or common behaviours amongst the student population. They seek to provide a unique insight into supporting students and resolving issues for the good of their peers, including disruption to learning, prejudice, bullying and damage.


Rule of the Law

LWS Academy strives to promote the importance of rules or laws, whether they be those that govern class, such as our Golden Rules, or the laws of the country. It is important that we share the reasons behind laws and how they can protect us. We are proud to have established strong links with our local police force to educate and support students through the consequences of their actions. In addition, we work with HMP Winchester for their ‘Inside Out’ scheme which highlights the impact of serving time following convictions on lifestyle.


Tolerance of those with Differing Faiths and Beliefs

Our Academy is an inclusive school and we actively promote diversity and enhance students Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) understanding through learning about different faiths and cultures across the curriculum. This including English, Art, PE, PSHE and Life skills. In addition, we have dedicated SMSC lessons each week which seek to improve students understanding, respect and awareness of different faiths and belief systems that they may experience in the wider world.


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