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To parents of children with Statements who will be in Y2, Y6, Y9 or Y11 (and Y14) in September 2016

Dear Parent/carer

Children and Families Act 2014: Transfer Review

You will be aware that change in legislation now means that in future instead of Statements, children with long term, severe and complex special educational needs will be issued with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan. The Department for Education (DfE) also want children who currently have a
Statement to have that Statement, if it is still needed, transferred to an EHC plan.

Following DfE guidance, those children who will be in Year 2, Year 6, Year 9 and Year 11 in September 2016 are due to go through the transfer process. In addition,children in Year 14 at special school will go through the transfer process thisacademic year.

Your child is in one of these year groups, and so the headteacher of your child’sschool will be contacting you in this Summer term or early in the Autumn term to arrange a planning meeting which you will, of course, be invited to attend. One of the
main aims of the new EHC plan is for parents, children and young people to be more involved in the process. At this meeting the school will explain the ‘Our Story’ form that we would like you to complete, and also how we will record your child’s views.
The transfer review planning meeting will replace the usual Annual Review, and the process is starting this term or early in the Autumn term, so that your child’s school placement, from September 2016, can be identified as soon as possible. In some
cases, this may not involve a change of placement.

I hope this is helpful but if you require clarification, further information or discussion then please do not hesitate to contact the SEN Service who will be happy to offer further advice.

Yours sincerely
Liz Flaherty HF8996584
01962 846418
07 June 2016
To parents of children with
Statements who will be in Y2, Y6, Y9
or Y11 (and Y14) in September 2016
Liz Flaherty
County Service Manager, SEN and STAS

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