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School closure for exams

Dear Parents/ Carers,


The Academy site will open at 11.30am on Thursday 26th May and Thursday 9th June 2016 due to the GCSE/functional skill examinations in English and Maths.


This is a continued effort from the Academy’s Governing Body to ensure all staff devote 100% of their energy and time on supporting students in their core subject final examinations. It is expected that all students over time will benefit from this strategy. There are large entries in both GCSE English and Maths examinations with extensive access/special arrangements, which will impact on staffing levels.


Students will still be picked up by their taxis but at a later time than usual, with taxis planning to arrive at school for 11.30am – after the examination has finished. If the taxi does arrive at your normal time please remind them of the arrangement and ensure that your son does not get in it, he will be refused access to the Academy site during the examination. All taxis have been notified through Hampshire transport.


On Wednesday 8th June all LWS students not taking the English Functional Skills exam will be educated offsite and in the local community, staff will be in contact with you about these specific arrangements closer to the time.


If you do have any concerns around these arrangements then please do not hesitate to contact me.




Yours sincerely,






Stuart Tyreman                                                                 Colin Knight


Headteacher                                                                      Chair of Governors

Year 11 Study Leave

Dear Parents/ Carers,


I am writing to you to inform you of the arrangements for study leave for this academic year. Study leave will begin for your son from Thursday 19th May and they will only need to come into school for their exams.


You should have already received your sons individualised exam timetable, if you haven’t, please contact the school immediately so we can send a new copy out to you. No taxis are in place for exams however subject leaders will be in contact prior to each exam to discuss transport arrangements with you.


Revision Sessions (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) will available for all students from 2.45pm however students will need to make their own way into and home from school. Please call the school if your son is planning on attending a revision session so we can ensure the correct staff are on site. All alternative provision will continue as normal, this includes college and work experience.


If you have any questions regarding the next stage of your son’s exam process, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school.


Yours Sincerely






Chris Berry


Deputy Headteacher

Summer Examination closures

The LWS site will be closed to all students on the morning of Thursday 26th May who are not taking the Maths GCSE/functional skills examination.

The same procedures will be in place for all of our summer Maths and English 2016 examinations (see diary for further details).

Parents and carers will be contacted with further details. Please contact the academy if you have any queries.

Inset Day – Wednesday 11th May

Academy closed to students.

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